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257 Thayer | Back to School Survival Guide!

Welcome Back Students! Here is an awesome guide to help you dive back into school with a breeze! 

  1. The Best Transportation-Thankfully 257 Thayer is centrally located, and walking distance to Brown University and RISD. You can also always schedule a pickup with the University shuttles to pick you up directly from 257 Thayer.
  2. Find a Study Space-Here at 257 Thayer we offer private study rooms on EVERY floor!
  3. Stay Positive!-That’s right! Keep your head up, going to school is an amazing accomplishment!
  4. Eat Healthy-With having your own kitchen at 257 Thayer, you have the luxury of cooking healthy foods any time of day.
  5. Sleep Well-It is so important to sleep well while you are a student. Of course you will have your “all nighters,” but being able to have your own bedroom and privacy will definitely encourage healthy sleeping habits.
  6. Accessorize and Get Organized- Keeping your room personalized and tidy will help with the college stress!

And don't forget to stop by and renew your lease today!